Youth Spaces


       China Youthology's open work spaces are created to offer activity and event space for Open Youthology initiatives.

Open Youthology is our platform and process that generates, collects, curates and shares youth stories with the youth community. It allows us to play a role in youth culture, build trust with youth, go deeper into their lives, and connect with the new ideas and peoples that influence Chinese youth today.

Open Youthology acts as youth inspiration media, fulfilling China Youthology's expectation for impact to youth: sharing provocative insights to Chinese youth to inspire discovery and encouraging them to act on their life meanings.

Open Youthology is focused on being:

  • • Inspirational - not only creative, but with the purpose of opening minds, offering alternative ideas & actions, arousing questions on life meanings.
  • • Relevant - addressing real life tensions, introducing relatable role models, and offering tips & steps that youth can truly say "I can DO/TRY that."
  • • Amplification - working to make the pre-existing youth voice heard louder, not trying to speak for the youth nor champion only one perspective of the youth. houses many of the youth stories collected from these activities, with the purpose of sharing and amplifying the great youth stories and inspirations that pioneer Chinese youth culture.

Open Youthology Events


Open Youthology has developed numerous recurring, popular events that share a variety of youth stories to the community. Creative to consumption to social innovation, Open Youthology events are designed to stimulate and inspire youth from all walks of life.

Here is a short list of some of our most successful and well-known events:
• Butter Youth Conference
• Youth salon
• China Youth day

See past Open Youthology events, pictures, videos and stories.